Our history

  Until 2016, we were operating as “Dar Al-Salam for tourism, Hajj, and Omra”, located in Michigan, with over 20 years’ experience of giving, uniqueness, and hard work in the field of tourism and Hajj services. Rawan Travel & Tours offers thorough touristic services inside and outside of Lebanon, known for its class and integrity in delivering services, reaching the high levels of hospitality depending on international art standards and utmost professionalism, in addition to providing tickets to all around the world, reserving hotels and taxis inside and outside Lebanon, and handling visa paperwork.   

After the success in tourism, Rawan Travel established campaigns to visit the holy shrines in Syria, Iraq, and Iran, divided into two programs:  

First Class: Includes travelling and transportation services and first class hotels and meals in a highly spiritual atmosphere.

Regular: Offers a range of affordable prices to cater the needs of the marketplace. Rawan Travel & Tours campaigns are considered an extension to the visitors from the state of Michigan to Beirut and then Al-Najaf, by thus being a farraginous medium for Lebanese emigrants and residents as well as other nationalities to mingle. Moreover, the campaign includes varying and organized touristic programs in modern transportation means.  


Rawan Travel & Tours is a travel agency that provides an outstanding touristic service for booking your flights, cruises, hotels, etc. Rawan Travel is known for its integrity in delivering its services as quickly as possible. You can book your ticket where there is a special offer and at a favorable price! Regarding the Pilgrimage for the Hajj & Omra, you’ll get the best of the best services, 5-star Hotels, Open Buffet, Special tents in Arafa and Mena (furnished and air-conditioned with restrooms exclusive to the campaign) as well as, Modern and air-conditioned transportation means. Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.